About Us

Unomatch is one of the fastest growing social network of this world. People like this social media because of its Lovely and new features which non of any social website provides to their customer under one roof. Music, Market place, Video section, opinions, Gifts, Uno Coins are the most popular features along with the others and members love these features.

Like other social networks Unomatch provides the basic features to their members like the Basic wall of their account, which shows all the activities of the member, along with all the friends of the member, to keep them updated of each and every activity of their friends. The profile of the member is something which they can maintain as they like. Unomatch has a very special feature with that members can decorate their profiles as they like. There are 5 different styles of the profile to choose. Furthermore the profiles can further changed and decorated with lots of different features by putting different pictures in the background, changing font colors, font styles, positions of columns, removing the columns that you do not to be seen in the profile along with so many other small features, which are very famous within the customers and members love to change their profiles, every other day.

Music is one of its best features of Unomatch and is very famous. Members can upload the music of their choice, make their own playlist and listen anytime and from anywhere in the world. This music can be shared to friends and family instantly with just a click and everyone can enjoy and share the most latest, famous and the best music of their choice.

Video is also a very good and famous feature of Unomatch , as members can upload or embed any video of their choices. The quality of video is really good and it runs streaming free. Members love this feature as they see short clips of video and spread them every where. People gets famous by video sections very fast as the community loves to see videos and short clips.

Members have the Free online facility here to buy and sell the products , which they want, at the best possible price and get the best possible deals, without paying any commission to any middle person, as Unomatch Marketplace provides the opportunity to contact directly to the seller and Buyers. This is really a good feature of Unomatch and most of members like this as they get the deals, which they can never get on other commission and non commission based selling websites.

Opinions is one of the best facility that Unomatch provides and its the most favourite among all. With this feature, people can get opinions from other people for their questions, or they can make a small survey and get the genuine opinions of the members on this. These features is being used by different small individuals and small survey companies which save much of their time.

Gift and Uno Coins are also one of the most liked features of Unmatch. Members makes different activities and get Free Unocoins in their account. These Activities points can easily be converted into Uno Coins by a simple and easy procedure. Members loves to buy things from Unoshop and send the lovely E-card to their friends and beloved ones. Members can also buy apparels and related accessories from www.unomtchshop.com to see latest season's collections of your choice.

Members have also got the facility of posting Free Blogs on good and hot topics. This is a very famous feature of the website and lots and lots of people post their blogs for different reasons.

In short, Unomatch is the fastest growing social network and due to its lovely and very famous features, which they are providing under one website, makes it more favourite, popular and in the driving seat, among the growing social networks.